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Clutch Service and Repair

When a clutch has reached the end of its service life or needs an adjustment, there are obvious signs. First, you may hear a grinding sound when shifting, or you may have to push the clutch all the way down to the floorboard to get it to engage. If you can move your clutch easily, but your transmission still doesn’t shift into gear, you need a professional clutch service to investigate the cause. You may need clutch repair, a new clutch system, or component.

The clutch is vital to the operation of your vehicle and is designed to provide a long and durable service life. But due to the friction created between the flywheel and the clutch plate, your clutch wears out eventually. Some clutches last as long as 100,000 miles, while others may only last 35,000 miles – depending on how you drive your car, whether or not you haul heavy loads, and weather conditions. Clutches wear out faster in warmer climates.

At AAMCO in San Jose, we inspect your clutch system using our Transmission Initial Vehicle Check, which allows us to isolate the problem and determine if the problem is with the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, or other clutch component. Our qualified technicians then perform any repairs or replace your clutch if needed. Before we get you back on the road, we’ll top off your transmission with fresh, clean fluid and road test your vehicle to ensure everything is performing as it should be.

If you suspect a problem with your clutch, or if you haven’t had it inspected, come by the San Jose AAMCO for a checkup by one of our qualified transmission specialists.



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